A Spoopy Halloweeb Vol. 1



Track 1. "A Spoopy Halloweeb"

Here's a neat little theme song for the album, featuring a sample from some sample pack I found on my iPad from the 00s'.

Track 2. "Fruit Roll-Up Gremlin" Cover of P. Gripp.

If I were signed to a record label, this would be the single from the album. Make up your own 'Gremlins' joke here.

Track 3. "Sasquatch" Cover of P. Gripp.

Sometimes, people don't give Parry Gripp enough credit for his earlier work, probably because they just knew stuff like 'Up Butt Coconut'.

Track 4. "She's A Sleestak" Cover of N. Herder.

I went down an interesting rabbit hole about 'The Land of the Lost', and still understand next to nothing about the show.

Track 5. "Spooky Fruit Cup" Cover of P. Gripp.

This one's a bit more experimental than the others, with an odd latin mid-section, which I'll just say was inspired by the work of mid-nineties They Might Be Giants.

Track 6. "Wienerina (Vampire Dog)" Cover of P. Gripp.

I didn't know I could sing that high!

Track 7. "Nightmare Down Memory Lane" Cover of J. Valley.

Jade Valley was a great local band until they broke up, betraying the trust of their cult following of about 10-15 high schoolers (Go follow them on social media! @jade_valley_band)


Track 8. "Ghost Choir" Cover of L. Zong.

QUICK SURVEY: At this point in the album, you've heard 4 different types of drums. Only 2 of them involve me playing the drums; the rest are just drum machines. If I play the actual drums on eleven out of twenty tracks on this album, about how many calories did I burn from just drumming? Round to the nearest hundredth.

Track 9. "Ghost Duet" Cover of L. Zong.

This song is karaoke for toasting and 'pick it up' ing.

Track 10. "Ghost Janitor" Cover of L. Zong.

The video for this song is just adorable. If you haven't seen it yet, then I suggest you should. Dig the synth trombone solo!

Track 11. "Ghost + Guest" Cover of L. Zong.

I bet you're wondering, 'who's the guest in this song?' Well, it doesn't make much sense without the animation to go along with it.

Track 12. "Ghost Castle" Cover of L. Zong.

It's sure nice to know that I've made a cover of every one of Louie Zong's ghost songs. …Whaddya mean, 'Ghost Cowboys'?!?


Track 13. "Happy Halloween Two Thousand and Twenty Two.mp3"

Original, in the style of Mono Puff. Featuring samples from Season 5, Episode 17 of Boy Meets World. I'm pretty sure you can figure out the rest by yourself.

Track 14. "Meet the Creepies" Cover of P. Gripp.

You know, it's that one 60s TV show with the freaky monster family and the surf inspired theme music and the snapping. You know the one!

Track 15. "Aliens & Monsters!" Cover of T. Aquabats!

This song sounds like it should have a music video with muppets in it. Make up your own 'Yo Gabba Gabba!' joke here.

Track 16. "Haunted Cupcake" Cover of P. Gripp.

It's jAzz! Right on, my brother!

Track 17. "Old Black Train" From 'Over The Garden Wall'

Think John Denver meets Stray Cats meets… a Cartoon Network show from 2014.

Track 18. "Unsightly Sights… Scene!"

Not to brag or anything, but I got a 'C' on my latest math test. Pretty crazy, huh?

Track 19. "Duck Vampire"

Q. What did the Duck say to the Vampire? A. What do I look like, a typewriter? There, I didn't make you make up your own joke.

Track 20. "Tome of the Unknown" From 'Over The Garden Wall'

For a breif 15 seconds of my life, I had a clarinet. This was the product of that.

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Artwork by Doodles of Ducks