happy arbor day

Happy Arbor Day

Happy Earth Month!!!! Celebrate the exciting tree-related days to come with an all new all original song and a cover of They Might Be Giants' classic hit, "To A Forest"!!!!!!!


Easter Bunny in Space

Here's two covers of Parry Gripp Easter classics that are sure to make your Easter good. Unless you don't celebrate Easter. You can still listen to these, though.


Leprechaun's Holiday

Merry St. Patricks Day! Here's a new EP to go along with all the rest of the St. Patricks Day music out there.

it's the super bowl

It's the Super Bowl

Happy Super Bowl! Here's a cover of Parry Gripp's "It's the Super Bowl", now with an accompanying video!


Groundhog Day

Here's 5 versions of Parry Gripp's "Groundhog Day" that I quickly threw together to prepare for the exciting Groundhog season.


Twelve Days O' Christmas

A project in which I submitted a song a day until Christmastime. Features "Christmas in the Big House", "The Most Wonderful Day of the Year", and many more!


A Spoopy Halloweeb Vol. 1

It's finally here! The long anticipated "A Spoopy Halloweeb Vol. 1!" Click on the link above to read an interesting tidbit™ about each track!!!


Ghosty Music For Ghosty People

What's this? An EP advertising the upcoming full length album "A Spoopy Halloweeb Vol. 1", featuring ska covers of the songs of Louie Zong?!? It certainly is!

Summertime EP

Summertime! EP

An Extended Play to celebrate the fleeting days of summer. Time.

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