About Me


It all started one shiny, happy morning. Or was it cloudy? I can never remember. It's all fuzzy for some reason. Anyhow, I was born in a hostpital somewhere in the western hemisphere, and was named after everyone's favorite American lawyer and former U.S. Attorney General, Griffin Bell (1918 - 2009). My first word was something along the lines of "NO!". Fast forward 5 or so years, and I'm learning that pianos make noise that can sometimes sound good. "Interesting," I thought to myself. "I may just be able to use this information to create sophisticated melodies and bring joy to those around me!" It was about that same time when my favorite song was "Captain Hampton and The Midget Pirates of Willygoat" and I was watching Pixar's Cars 2 times a day. Fast forward 5 or so more years and I've written 4 hit songs, "Pajamas in the Pool," "Nautilus," "Umbrella", and "Lower Grades (A Teacher's Lament)". These songs were the high point in my career and I may never be able to write anything that good ever again. Fast forward 1 or 2 years and I'm taking guitar lessons. Up until that point, I had been self-taught. I also learned french horn over the summer, bringing the instrument tally to 6 (at some point, I learned how to play the drums, probably from watching my brother). Anyways, moving on to the summer of 2021, I took a coding course and made a super duper professional website for a world renowned soup restaurant based in Kiruna, Sweden called "Fubble Gubble's Amazing Soup". Look it up, it's a real place! On June 4th, the much anticipated Parry Gripp "For Those About to Shop, We Salute You" re-issue got issued, and, at some point, I had decided to cover all of the songs on that album. I don't know why, I had no experience whatsoever, I just thought it might be fun. And so, after much hard work learning how to record stuff, "For Kids About to Shop: A Parry Gripp Cover Album" was released on YouTube on August 5, 2021. To be perfectly frank, it wasn’t the best piece of work, but it sure was fun! That cover album started me on my journey to where I am today (somewhere in the western hemisphere typing up a premature autobiography while listening to Biscuit Head by The Spin Doctors). Sometimes, I like to look back on those early days when I was just a little kid recording the first tracks on "For Kids About to Shop", and just see how much I've grown. And then I get distracted by something else and move on. Anyhow, I hope you all take home with you this wise knowledge coming from a simple phrase, common here in the western hemisphere, "Oh rats! What did I come in here for again?"*

Griffin Wooley (that's me) Is recording his first all original album RIGHT NOW!!! He may be recording something even as you're reading this!!! Just so you know.

*The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production may or may not be fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.