Twelve Days O' Christmas

Days O' Christmas
Day 1. "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing! 2022 Version" Traditional

A real recording of a song I did on last year that made it onto A Fintastic Christmas.

Day 2. "Yuletide Nachos" Cover of P. Gripp

Falsetto absolutely kills my chops. Or I guess what I like to call chops.

Day 3. "Merry Christmas Two Thousand and Twenty Two.mp3"

A re-writing of "Happy Halloween Two Thousand and Twenty Two.mp3" from A Spoopy Halloweeb. Make up your own "Boy Meets World" joke here.

Day 4. "Christmas in the Big House" Cover of T. Might Be Giants

I figured this song would be good as 1st wave ska. I think I was probably right, maybe.

Day 5. "O Come O Come Emannuel" Traditional

no comment

Day 6. "Hooray For Santa Claus" Cover of P. Gripp

From Parry Gripp's 2005 album "For Those About to Shop, We Salute You." or as the hip kids are calling it, FTATSWSY.

Day 7. "Cat Shirts For Christmas" Cover of P. Gripp

Just to clarify, that picture at the top is the days left until Christmas including the current day, Mountain Standard Time.

Day 8. "Nice Nice Christmas" Traditional

elematnry schol was teh best. maek up yuor own 'lerning" joek here.

Day 9. "Holly Jolly Krismis" Traditional

Did you know that Johnny Marks wrote practically every Krismis song there is, including this one? And for some reason, he's not cited in the hymn book! Weird.

Day 10. "Silent Night" Traditional

And they said that contra-alto clarinet wasn't a solo instrument. Well, look who's laughing now!

Day 11. "The Most Wonderful Day of the Year" Traditional

Wow, 4 traditionals in a row! What are The Odds? Apparantly, they're a band from Canada.

Day 12. "Griffin's Really Great Christmas Medley Live at Almsgiving Hall" ???

I had an idea for a song called "Are You Thinking About Me This Christmas (Cuz I'm Not Thinking About You)?" but it didn't come together in time, so here's this instead. Happy Christmas, or whatever.

Bonus Day! "Happy Christmas (Or Whatever) - Fintastic Christmas Outtake" Cover of P. Gripp

Since today is Christmas observed, I figured I should do a song. I didn't have anything prepared, so here's an outtake from Fintastic Christmas. PS - It's not very good!

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