A Fintastic Christmas



Track 1. ""Hidden Track"" Cover of N. Herder.

I just would like to clarify that my drummer is not named Steve. Unless I decided to change my name to Steve.

Track 2. "I Wanna Guinea Pig For Christmas" Cover of P. Gripp.

Nothing quite warms my heart like a good ol' Parry Gripp Christmas song. Buckle up cause there's quite a few of them on this album.

Track 3. "Hey Christmas Tree" Cover of P. Gripp.

A classic Christmas tune from Parry's post Mega-Party period. [Clever one-liner]

Track 4. "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" Traditional

Originally made using flat.io. Listen to the 2022 version here!

Track 5. "Because it's Christmastime" Cover of P. Gripp.

After I heard this song for the first time I went out and robbed a bank. Make up your own "Wonderful Christmastime" joke here.

Track 6. "Reggie the Christmas Hamster" Cover of P. Gripp.

I'm not really sure where I was going with the bored teen hamster voice, but here it is anyways.

Track 7. "Santa Has A Mullet" Cover of N. Herder.

Now we're talking! That's all for this one.


Track 8. "Roy the Christmas Potato" Cover of P. Gripp.

Experimental swingy-punk. I don't know where the ending came from.

Track 9. "Christmas Tree in the Lot" Cover of P. Gripp.

This song fascinates me! I could talk for hours about this song! And that's all that I have to say for now.

Track 10. "Fröhliche Wiehnachten"

After making this, I thought to myself, "What's the point of making more music when I know my career has already peaked?"

Track 11. "Oh No It's Christmas!" Cover of P. Gripp.

You can send people this song instead of giving them an actual Christmas present. Make up your own Bob & Doug McKenzie joke here.

Track 12. "Gimme Gimme Christmastime" Cover of P. Gripp.

If anybody has a copy of this Hoops & Yoyo soundtrack on vinyl, let me know.

Track 13. "Disco Christmas in Hamsterland" Cover of P. Gripp.

Meh, I could've done better. Oh well.

Track 14. "Silver and Gold" Traditional

Remember earlier when I said I had peaked with Fröhliche Wiehnachten? That was a lie.

mystery link OOOH WOWEE

Artwork by Doodles of Ducks